Back to the future

Darren Harris
February 16, 2022

Known as ‘Pop’s Greatest Year ever’, 1984 was a special one, but I could not foresee how a 40 year old home was going to leave me in a State of Shock . Arriving outside the home my initial thoughts were If this is it, the airtightness could be not much more than what You Might Think

Blowerdoor in action.

Nobody told me ♪ that a permeability rate of 2.59 was possible on the bones of a 1984 home. But the Smooth Operator ♪ greeting me at the door knew differently. Clearly with determination and Against All Odds ♪, an amazing transformation had occurred, driven by lots of love.

What’s love got to do with it? The renovation is for a relative, who now gets to live The Glamorous Life ♪ in a wonderfully built renovation. The quality of work and commitment to detail screams I Want to Break Free from climate variation and high energy bills. The future occupant should be Head over Heels ♪ with the result and can Relax ♪ in comfort knowing that a Cruel summer ♪ is highly unlikely in this airtight home.

This is a “1984 home renovation with 2024 energy efficiency credentials!”

SUHO was able to recommend steps towards achieving a suitable ventilation solution to ensure the regulation of ventilation levels in the home. I’m So Excited ♪ to continue to see inspiring jobs like these Time after Time .

See what we did there? 😋

Located in Wirruwarrungga (Port Willunga), Kaurna Country.

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Darren Harris
Air Tightness Specialist