The story behind how our company was founded

SUHO was founded by Director Jim Woolcock in the early 2000s to make a positive impact on the built environment. With his background in the construction industry, Jim was motivated by his passion for sustainability and energy efficiency. Today, our team of over 20 staff members provides expert consulting services for both residential and commercial buildings, including our standout service of air tightness testing, which ensures energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

At SUHO, we're deeply committed to driving Australia's transition towards a more sustainable built environment. With Jim's passion and leadership, we provide high-quality consulting services to promote sustainable and energy-efficient building practices. We're excited to work with clients who share our vision and make a positive impact on the environment while creating healthy and comfortable living and working spaces.

Join our community today and experience the difference SUHO can make for your building project.

, the director of SUHO, holding an image of the 10 Star Home.

Some recent stats...


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Increase in clients since 2021

The values that shape everything we do

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We celebrate fresh ideas, innovate and evolve to create better results.

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We live our values, take pride in our professionalism and are diligent in what we do.

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We care for the built environment, each other's wellbeing and the quality of our work.

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We believe respect is gained by treating others the way you want to be treated, no matter their background, gender or position.

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We think in possibilities. By using our understanding and imagination, we develop tailored solutions.

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Our strength is our diversity. Through effective communication and collaboration, we bring together our versatile skillsets and perspectives.

Meet our team

Jim Woolcock
Adele Stadoliukas
General Manager
Rosa Yousefi
Alison Fenton
Business Development Specialist
Gabriela Marosi
HR Advisor
Sophie Hill
Office Manager
Nick Sharpley
IT Administrator
Darren Harris
Air Tightness Specialist
Sumit Kenche
Senior Sustainability Consultant
Zainab Iqbal
Sustainability Consultant
Yamini Shrikhande
Senior Sustainability Consultant
Bahareh Ramezani
Sustainability Consultant
Shubham Kadam
Sustainability Consultant
Gokul Nisha
Sustainability Consultant
Nyx Hill
Workplace Wellness Manager