Nyx Hill

Nyx Hill

Workplace Wellness Manager
Excellent tail-wagging skills to communicate excitement and enthusiasm for workplace wellness initiatives.

About Nyx

Likes: belly rubs
Dislikes: being left out of meetings

Introducing Nyx, the hardest-working and busiest Workplace Wellness Manager you'll ever meet! Nyx may be a cute and cuddly doggo, but she takes her job of promoting employee health and happiness very seriously. Despite her busy schedule managing workplace wellness initiatives and attending important meetings, Nyx always makes time for her human colleagues (especially her bestie Sumit).

Whether she's attending a wellness seminar, or offering up her furry, four-legged support during a stressful deadline, Nyx is always finding new and creative ways to improve employee well-being. And when she's not busy with her official duties, Nyx loves to relax with a good belly rub and catch up on her sleep - after all, being a busy doggo can be tiring work!

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