Making sustainability accessible to all...

Our dream is to see better homes, buildings and spaces built across Australia. We take the guesswork out of managing the sustainable aspects of your build.

We help Homeowners, Architects, Builders, Developers and more to find the solution for their building!
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Our clients love us, and you will too!

Work spanning 800+ projects, with over 20 years of experience.

They are constantly providing support and coming up with new ways to ensure our process is simplified and efficient. SUHO helps us as designers and helps our clients better understand the advantages of sustainable buildings.

James R
Design Manager, Stephen D'Andrea

Our team gained fantastic insights through air-pressure testing and would highly recommend the team from SUHO.

Gary W
Project Manager

We were able to adopt some really practical suggestions and should achieve a 7.4 star home. I think we would have well exceeded this if I found SUHO in the design stage of our home.

Melissa L

The team at SUHO have been a fantastic collaborator on many projects extending from low scale residential to multi storey commercial developments.

Adrian R
Design Manager, Tectvs

We are the next-gen sustainability firm

Air Tightness Testing

Our certified tester measures the effectiveness of a building's envelope in preventing air leaks, ensuring energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Commercial Buildings

We assess a building's energy efficiency and sustainability compliance according to Australian building codes and standards.

Residential Buildings

We evaluate and advise on the safety, compliance, and performance of homes according to NatHERS building codes and standards.

What makes us different?

NatHERs Modelling Accuracy
according to a 2022 Design Matters National Audit
Completed projects in 2022
New clients in 2022
Increase in clients since 2021


We continue to learn, grow and develop our services to meet the needs of the industry in a timely and innovative way.

Multi Award-Winning

Winning 18 awards and counting for different projects and our business, we are passionate about excellence and providing recognition for these.

Industry Experts

We have a number of accredited professionals for certifications such as NatHERS, BASIX, ATTMA, GreenStar, WELL, and more.

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