We offer a wide range of services

We know that sustainability services are sometimes tricky to work out, that's why we've decided to package them up so you can get the right services for your needs. Everything from certifications to onsite testing - we do it all.

Air tightness testing

Our air tightness test service ensures the structural integrity of buildings by measuring the amount of air leakage, providing accurate results to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
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Residential certifications

We use NatHERS, DTS, Verification (V2.6.22), and optimisation to assess thermal performance, verify compliance, and optimise energy efficiency for comfortable living and lower energy consumption.
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Commercial compliance

Our comprehensive commercial service offers compliance solutions for energy efficiency standards in construction, including NCC Section J - JV3 and DTS, BESS in Victoria, and BASIX in NSW.
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Town planning

Our town planning service in Victoria utilises innovative software such as SDAPP, STORM, and MUSIC to effectively manage storm water, flood risks, and land use planning.
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Voluntary ratings

Our voluntary ratings service provides sustainability certifications using rating systems such as WELL, GreenStar, and WUFI for buildings and communities.
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