Surabhee Shukla

Surabhee Shukla

Sustainability Consultant
Bachelors in Architecture & Masters in Sustainable Design
LEED Green Associate

About Surabhee

Likes: Cycling on a sunny day
Dislikes: None!

Surabhee embarked on her professional journey while pursuing her university studies, balancing part-time work at a Vegan cafe and interacting with diverse customers. Upon graduating, she ventured into full-time roles as an NCC representative, gaining valuable experience. Prior to joining SUHO, Surabhee honed her skills as a Technical Designer, specialising in the design of trusses and steel frames for a local business in Adelaide.

Passionate about sustainability, Surabhee finds joy in discussing and promoting environmentally friendly alternatives within the realms of Design and Architecture. She actively strives to raise awareness and advocate for better practices. In her free time, she enjoys expressing herself in various creative outlets, including craft projects, music, and reading, as a means to express herself artistically.

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